Bug Art is an established and successful Greeting Card Publishing company. Our success is based on ranges that are innovative and well-designed.

If you are an artist or designer and would like to submit some work to us please read the following guides:

• It is probably best that you familiarise yourself with the card market before submitting your work to a publisher such as ourselves. Make a judgement as to which publishers are best suited to your style.

• You don’t need to ask us for permission to send work, just email your images straight through to us and we will take a look at them. Your work has automatic artistic copyright, so we cannot copy it without your permission. We try to reply to all email submissions within 2 weeks.

• We always release new images as ranges of at least 8 to 16 cards, so one-off images are not appropriate. It’s best not send in a mixed portfolio of scraps of work. You need to have developed a competent and confident style that shows a skillful knowledge of your medium and an ability to expand a theme.

• Images of hand-made cards are acceptable but please bear in mind that Bug Art do not publish handmade greeting cards. We would need to adapt them for mass-production.

• We are always happy to consider submissions from artists and designers, but please appreciate that the card market is extremely competitive and that Bug Art rejects the vast majority of work submitted.

• Send your images or submission enquiries via email to Please try to limit your image sizes – up to 500kb each should be sufficient, jpeg format is preferred.